Diagnosis Coding & OASIS Review And Other Individualized Services

Hassle-free service from trusted experts. Our team offers OASIS and coding guidance, so your clinicians have an effective guide to interpreting medical jargon with great accuracy.

What We Offer

  • $35 Coding or OASIS Only
  • $45 Coding & OASIS
  • $35 Discharge OASIS Outcomes Review (includes lookback items review)
  • Plus $5 QA of Comprehensive Assessment Visit Note
  • Plus $3 POC Support (Process Measures interventions, Goals)
  • Plus $5 POC Support (Locators, All Interventions/Goals)
  • Includes Reporting and Improvement Recommendations
  • Pricing depends on sample size per piece versus routine weekly/monthly review and % of records reviewed
  • Includes Printable Presentation and Handouts
  • Unlimited Participants
  • $99–$199 (depending on length of training)

Pricing depends on sample size and area of record to be covered

Working With Industry Experts

We believe in collaborating with top professionals in the field to give you the best service. Our company always reaches out to third-party specialists for these areas of business.

  • ADR Assistance
  • Agency Consulting
  • Billing
  • Claim Rejections
  • Due Diligence
  • Review of Skilled Nursing Visit Notes
  • Review of Therapy Evaluations

Available Discounts

All our services are subject to volume-based discounts. Prior to rendering any service, we will assess the applicable fees based on what you purchase. The discounts will then be applied at the end of each billing cycle where the negotiated volume is met.

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