Dedicated to Your Agency’s Success Diagnosis Coding & OASIS Review

As a family owned and operated business, we take the time to listen to our clients and ensure everyone receives superior service. We personally guide you through documentation and work with you in protecting your claims.

Our Competitive Edge

Lower, Mid-Range Prices

We proudly offer fair and honest fees in exchange for premium quality service.

Expert Guidance

HighPointDCS provides free education to our clients on home health industry changes as they related to our services and to our client's success.  We take the time up front to help smooth over the change to our service and combined processs so you can be confident of a seemless change in service.

Undivided Attention

Real, dedicated persons are always on standby to pick up our clients’ calls, to promptly address your needs with targeted solutions.

Professional Services

  • Coding & Comprehensive OASIS
  • Coding & OASIS With Plan of Care (Support), including training your staff in POC set up/edit technique for closeout.  
  • Discharge OASIS Review (Imperative for STAR, HHVBP) 
  • Coding and OASIS Compliance and Reimbursement Audit
  • Coding Quality Control From Third-Party Auditor (For Reduced Error Rating)
  • Episode Claim Support Audit
  • Outcomes Improvement Audit
  • PI Analysis
  • Start of Care to Discharge/ Transfer (Survey Ready Audit)
  • Utilization of Services Audit & Training (Allows agencies to keep the most of their reimbursement under Medicare PDGM)
  • Episode Start (Notification of Claim Risk, Assistance for Immediate Resolution)
  • Focused Education (One-On-One or Group)
  • Industry Compliance Updates (OASIS D, ICD-10, Coverage Eligibility)

Understanding the cumbersome task of navigating documentation and OASIS accuracy is an important topic. With the affordable focused online learning opportunities we offer, your clinicians can achieve a professional level of proficiency short non-burdensome time.

Perks for Regular Clients
Once you become one of our frequent clients, you get access to little to no-cost learning options.

Advantages of Our Service

When you work with our talented specialists, you can benefit from the following:

  • Affordability
  • Best Possible Reimbursement for Delivered Care
  • Improved Outcomes
  • Keeping Reimbursements Once Received Through Compliance
  • Prompt Ability to Bill Claims